Absolutely love your work! Stumbled across it through the scientific illustration blog :) Your herons are gorgeous!

Thank you so much! ^_^

*waves to new followers* I appreciate every like and reblog! Hopefully I’ll get more stuff up soon~ Migration season is upon us and that always inspires me!

Just wanted to say hi/thank you to the followers who have found my art over the past few weeks. And a huge thank you to scientificillustration for reblogging my art and giving me that exposure. I definitely appreciate it! <3 (I often feel pretty invisible on Tumblr otherwise..)

Sorry if I seem kinda dead, things are a little chaotic right now. I am in the middle of moving at the moment, but after that I’m excited to focus on art again. In fact, my new room will have a nice view of the woods (I currently live in the city, bleh) and I can’t wait to set up my art desk in front of that window and art forever. Hoping that the apartment people let me set up a bird feeder outside that window too. Project FeederWatch is coming up soon!

Thanks for being patient, and hello/welcome again! <3

I wish you could do my tattoo. I want an Anna's hummingbird feeding on a prickly pear cactus flower... You would make it gorgeous, I'm sure

Well, if you’re serious about this, let me know and we can work out a price. Info like how detailed you want it (i.e. like my normal paintings? Or a simple one color design?) would be good!